Like many of you, I am afflicted with an assortment of Dead French (and Polish) persons, demanding that I write for them and such. And as you may well know, they come around when they feel like it, and not necessarily when I feel like writing. Therefore, this section is woefully incomplete, and will probably remain so. Nevertheless, I'll list them all, in approximate order of creation:

Lisette Ouest Pretty. Rich. Naive. Adolescent. Obsessive. Downright scary, particularly to Prouvaires.

Chandler Courfeyrac Handsome. Charming. Witty. Teasing. Friendly. Amorous. Has a few skeletons, but he hides them well.

Raisa-Émilie Enjolras Beautiful. Androgynous. Angry. Fierce. Frightened. Depressive. A little more neurotic than your average Enjolras (with good reason, of course).

Valeska Stelmacyzk Cute. Pitiful. Odd. Sad. Because everyone has to have a scruffy streetbrat. . .

Remi Grantaire Misogynistic. Gruff. Morbid.

Jolanta Stelmacyzk Free-spirited. Creative. Loving. Possessive.

Delphine Dreamy. Wistful.

Lynette Eager. Rather trampy, really.

Nathaniel Joly Babyish. Clingy. Compassionate. Caring. He's a maman's boy to the core.

Musichetta Mignon Sensual. Selfish.

Christophe Lesgles Easygoing.

Corinne Grantaire Bitter. Morbid, like her brother. Dislikes men and marriage.

Mirabelle "Fricassee" Pessimistic. Tired. Listless.

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