Character Representations

A gallery of images that remind me of my figments.

Please click on the thumbnails to see larger images.


* Mind you, this was Remi's idea. I don't think he's quite sure what she looked like.


* A comic panel that I found on some site from France which I can no longer find. Any and all illumination appreciated.
* By Cillabub!
* A painting that Abby found.
* Several screenshots of Leelee Sobieski in Joan of Arc.


* An actor, who I thought was sufficiently scruffy looking, if not quite ugly enough.
* Remi drew this himself, and insisted I put it up. *shrug*


* Kate Winslet as Ophelia. Young, sweet, and emotionally disturbed.
* Yes, of course she has wings ;)
* From a fashion plate of 1831.
* Some Victorian girl.


* Corinne Grantaire, Remi's clinically depressed little sister.
* Reminds me of Marius
* I'll give you three guesses . . .
* Azelma?
* A Lisette-ish faerie.