Beyond The Barricades Big ol' site full of stuff. What more can I say? The slider puzzles confound me, though.
The France Of Victor Hugo It seems a little "all or nothing" in its analyses, but a good site nonetheless.
Groupe Hugo Nifty if you read French, or can muddle your way through reasonably well.
Le Jardin du Luxembourg Home to some of the best fanfic available, and pictures and fun things, too.
Know Your Barricades: The Barricade Atomized Ok, this is just hilarious. I want to work for the ABC Barricade Company when I grow up.
Mizzies Livejournal Miz community.
Mizzie Fashion Links A collection of resources I ogle in lieu of actually sewing.
The Mizolica Temple Bow down to the Almighty Miz.
Musichetta's Land She's off to a good start, here. Wanna see the "Dear Chetta" thing finished!
Nothing Is Sacred Laura's soon-to-be-there site.
One Day More The marvelous, the one, the only: Lonely Gamine. Go read her fics, she writes good stuff.
Poahf's Place Includes L'aigle's first home on the web.
Pont au Change A very extremely good sequel to LM, plus a gigantic image gallery, and some odd things.
The Rue de Mondètour Let Combeferre be your guide around Cilla's site. And don't you dare miss the pictures!
The Saga of Christian Caron That gigantic tome of slashficness. Wonderful piece of writing, took me a week to read the whole thing, and they were only half done then.
Stories Great and Small Shannon's fic page. Read. Enjoy.
The Society For The Preservation Of Éponine A coalition to buy bulletproof waistcoats for gamines... no, no, no. Her characterization, they mean. Good stuff.
Song of the Abaissé Very attractive site by Geng. Fun stuff to read an' look at.
Theatre of the Amis de l'ABC Jonai somehow manages to get Enjolras and Grantaire to behave long enough to help her make this cute l'il page.
You Know Nothing Of Javert! Rabbit's fun page of slashy (and some non-slash) fics and suchlike.

My Other Worlds

La Paquerette Old home of this stuff, now my personal page, where lives my costume stuff, some favorite poems, the bookstore, and various other amusements.
La Livejournal Where I complain about my life and take silly tests.
Barony of Endless Hills Official site for said SCA group, maintained by me.