My meager collection of stories and other works based primarily on Les Misérables. Refer to my character pages if you're at all confused about developments and embellishments made to Uncle Vic's figments.


Innocence Lost

A compleated tale of a "romance" that never should have been.

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The Blood Of Angry Women

In progress. The first appearance of my very special Enjolras, but read the story first if you want to be surprised. ;D

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Short Works

The Lucky One

A depressing little afterlife bit dealing with shattered illusions.

Another Chance

A snippet of a scene in which Chandler Courfeyrac is just too cute to die. Somewhat of a Sandman/Death crossover. Finished, but I may embellish it in the future.

Surprising, If Not Terrible

Raisa-Émilie has a very interesting encounter.
(It is recommended that you "know" her before you read this.)

A Reunion

A Chandler Courfeyrac survival story, rather silly. Unfinished.

Montparnasse's Lucky Break

What if Gavroche didn't steal Valjean's purse from 'Parnasse's pocket? Yes, it's a stretch. But isn't he such a cute bloodthirsty killer?

Someone To Watch Over Me

Valeska gets into some trouble and gets rescued. Sort of a basic intro to her, although it doesn't always happen this way. In fact, it usually doesn't.

Others' Works


By Poahf. A li'l speculation on why Javert is the way he is, very well written.

Thy Love


World Beyond A Star

By Ponine.

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