Those Who Made This Possible

Thanks go out to everyone who's visited my sites over the years, and come back for more. The people and places thanked herein are those that I've acquired specifically website help from; other forms of appreciation, such as (im)moral support are expressed by linking to you on my links page. Unfortunately, many things will remain unacknowledged, mostly because I can't remember where they came from. If you have any idea where something came from, please dont' hesitate to email me. I would be especially grateful to find the French barricade site from which I got the main image on Raisa's page.

Artmagick A yummy source of images of paintings. Good stuff.
A Faery's Tale Various assorted pretties came from here.
Lissa Explains It All A wonderful webpage-building help site, geared toward kids. Right on my level. It freed me from the dreaded Angelfire Basic Editor, and for that I am eternally grateful.
Manon's Garden The Green Place. Mam'selle Manon is responsible for inspiring this whole project, don'tchaknow? She led me to many of the places you see credited here today. She also listened to me whine about various perplexing HTML difficulties and then patiently helped me to correct them. And this is but a pitiful effort compared to her site, so go see it.
Pont au Change Got my Amis pic from the Gallery, I did.
Rue de Mondètour Cilla drew me a Raisapic! Wheee!
Yahoo! Gallery Couple of images from there, I think.
And lastly but mostly...

Other stuff... the poems are mostly from my Imortal Poems of the English Language.

If I've forgotten to give you credit for something, yell at me.